Custom Packaging

K&K Custom Packaging provides the highest quality products and services. From the start to the finish of your projects K&K Custom Packaging can provide guidance with art preparation for printing, selection of the substrate materials, production method needed for plain or printed bags, retort packaging pouches, tapes and labels. We also carry a line of vacuum sealers.

Product technical specifications and pricing are available by contacting K&K Custom Packaging customer service or your sales representative.

Bi-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film is made by casting and then sequentially stretching a cast film, first in the machine direction and then in the transverse direction to achieve excellent optical and mechanical properties.

Polyester Films (PET) films are most often used in flexible packaging applications for lamination to heat sealable thermoplastic film such as LDPE after first being reverse printed. They can be supplied either plain, corona treated or so called chemically treated (with acrylic acid) which increases the surface energy for enhanced printing ink adhesion. PET films can be metallized with different optical densities to improve moisture barrier.

Biaxial oriented nylon film (BOPA) film technology offers superior protection against pin holing and its resultant loss of barrier. The combination of superior flex crack and inherent high abrasion resistance make BOPA the ideal choice for packaging applications from freezing to steam sterilization. Excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability in all directions provide balanced properties for optimum performance on both converting and packaging equipment.

Stand-up Pouches (Retort) the retort packaging is called that because of the cooking process. First the pouch is filled with the food product, sealed and then heated to 125˚ C. Unlike zipper pouches, foods packaged in retort packaging can be maintained outside of the refrigerator for extended periods of time. Examples of where these fresh-lock retort packaging products are widely used include military MRE, spout drinks, cereal, coffee, pet foods and more.

Product Overview

Cast Polypropylene (CPP) can be identified mainly by its soft texture and superior resistance to tears and punctures. CPP is growing in popularity among manufacturers as a more attractive packaging material versus polyethylene, or nylon. CPP is ideal for machine use and offers superb moisture and atmospheric barriers films are made from FDA approved resins and are safe for food packaging.